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Free Bankruptcy Consultation

By Phone or Zoom


The Law Office of Henry Ahrens provides an initial Free Consultation, to help you decide whether filing for Bankruptcy makes sense for you, given your financial circumstances.  At your consultation, you will meet with Mr. Ahrens, a San Diego bankruptcy attorney with over 30 years of experience.


Other law firms often have potential clients meet with support staff (such as a secretary or paralegal) at their free consultation.  Even worse, there are some San Diego law firms that will have you meet with aggressive sales personnel during your consultation with them, whose job it is to give you a "hard sell", so they can "close the deal".  That will never happen with us.  We understand that if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, that you are under financial distress - and the last thing you need is for someone to try and prey on you while you are vulnerable.  Anyway, do you really think a salesperson or a secretary is going to give you proper legal advice?


At your Free Consultation with us, Mr. Ahrens will review your financial circumstances with you, and explain your options to you, including non-bankruptcy alternatives.  At The Law Office of Henry Ahrens, we never presume that Bankruptcy is the best alternative for you, and we will freely tell you if it is not, given your circumstances.  We never "pressure" anyone to file for Bankruptcy; rather, we simply provide an objective analysis of your options.


At your consultation, Mr. Ahrens will ask questions of you to determine the relevant facts, explain to you how the law applies in your circumstances, give you legal advice as to the best course of action for you, answer your questions, and then quote you fees.  Further, there is no specified time limit for your Free Consultation – Mr. Ahrens will give you as much time as needed.  If you think of additional questions after your consult is over, you can always contact us, and we will answer these questions as well.



We don't need precise numbers (or a completed questionnaire) for an initial consultation, all we need is for you to provide us with sufficient "ballpark" information so that we can make an evaluation as to what is the best solution for your financial issues.


However, we do encourage you to download the Bankruptcy Questionnaire (available by clicking the button on this page), and begin to fill it out.  Please note that the last page of the questionnaire provides a complete list of the documents that you will need to provide us with before we could file for Bankruptcy relief for you.  You will also need to provide us with a completed questionnaire before we can file your case.


We will prepare all the necessary legal forms for you to file for Bankruptcy, and we will of course review these forms with you prior to filing the case.  Mr. Ahrens will also appear with you, as your attorney, at all Court hearings, and will prepare you in advance for these hearings, so that you will know what to expect and will feel comfortable with the process.  We are, of course, available to answer client’s questions at any point during this process.



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